Trekathon 441: Future’s End (VOY)

Voyager is taken back in the past so it won’t destroy the future.

Dear Deep Space Nine – I see you did a cool episode that involved time travel. Therefore we shall do a time travel episode and it will be cool. Signed, Voyager.

All Star Trek travel episodes star with the ‘how do they go back to the past’ problem. Here they ‘solve’ it with a massive over-complication, introducing 29th century Star Fleet Time Ships. Initially I thought ‘well, at least they’ve done a little better in doing ‘past tech’ than usual, but it’s still a bit clunky and fake looking’ – but then I realised that 1996 was the year this episode was made, so actually it’s 1996 that looks clunky and fake looking, not Voyager.

(I wonder: does Star Fleet issue Vulcans and Klingons a standard ‘time travel to the past’ beanie? It’s always the same costume choice).

441 down, 296 to go.