Trekathon 437: …Nor the Battle to the Strong (DS9)

Jake has a pretty bad time helping Doctor Bashir on a combat medical mission.

Great, wait until *after* the cease fire with the Klingons to give us an episode that actually makes us feel like there’s a war going on here. This is really the closest we’ve ever gotten in Star Trek to ‘real’ combat conditions. It’s obviously pretty inspired by *MASH*. Again, it’s a different tone that is pulled off pretty successfully.

Also new is allowing a main character to not be as much of a hero. Jake is very conflicted here, and it makes a richer story. Slightly less good is Sisko’s running off to save his son at the first sign of trouble. It makes some sense in his character, but it would have been nice to either promote more conflict with his ‘duty’, or at least explain that his actions were compatible with what Star Fleet wanted.

437 down, 300 to go.