Trekathon 432: Apocalypse Rising (DS9)

Sisko leads a mission to the Klingon home world to do something about that whole ‘Gowron is a changeling’ thing.

OK, exactly what is Sisko’s job supposed to be here? On paper he’s the commander of the station, which would seem to be a full-time job. But he heads off all the time to command the Defiant, or, as here, on some other mission. It’s not exactly the smoothest way to run a station. OK, fine, it’s what needs to happen in order to tell stories off the station, but it still bugs me. How much time did Picard spend away from the Enterprise, after all?

Anyway, last seasons pivot away from the Klingon arc is finished up with the kind of thing that makes me think that maybe Klingon stories might not be that bad. We get a sense of Klingon culture that is more nuanced than ‘Hulk Smash’, even if it is just a bad Viking ripoff. And it’s a lot of fun seeing Sisko, Odo and O’Brien in full Klingon makeup.

432 down, 305 to go.