Trekathon 431: The Swarm (VOY)

The Doctor breaks down, and Voyager does some trespassing.

Better again, but still missing something. The plot of the Doctor breaking down was interesting, and it was clever to pair that with crises elsewhere on the ship. But the only emotional content was from Kes and the Doctor – we never got an impression anyone else really cared very much about the Doctor’s potential demise, which is a bit cold even if there are other things going on.

The other point of note is a change in Janeway’s attitude, moving further from the ‘Star Fleet’ way, and more into ‘we have to get home’. Sure 15 months is a lot, but it’s a 70 year journey – a little over 2 per cent. I’m pretty sure I could shave more than that off their journey just by cutting down on the number of times they let Harry or Tom off the ship to be captured and rescued.

429 down, 308 to go.