Trekathon 429: Flashback (VOY)

July 8th, 2012

Tuvok suffers from a mental condition that can only be solved by watched Star Trek VI.

Good idea: let’s celebrate the long history of Star Trek by putting the current series characters together with the old series ones.

Bad idea: getting hung up on the fact that Tim Russ, who plays Tuvok, was an extra in Star Trek VI and crate an elaborate back story for this appearance, especially when doing so means that he is the only character who can properly interact with the older cast.

Really bad idea: once you get stuck in your story just use technobabble to wrap everything up, removing any character stakes that it looked like you might actually be having.

427 down, 310 to go. This episode marked the 30th anniversary of Star Trek – the 50th anniversary is coming up in just four more years. Fingers crossed Star Trek can be back on TV where it belongs by then.