Trekathon 428: Basics, Part II (VOY)

The day is saved by two ex-cons and a hologram.

Well, it looks like we’re done with the Kazon at least. This episode wraps that story up, killing Seska off and seemingly removing the imperative to hunt down Voyager. Good riddance I say, they were boring. And it made no sense – Voyager should be going past the territory of groups like that in days or weeks, not two years!

The shore-based part of the episode was a bit odd. It had no stakes, as we know that they’ll be rescued by the end. So we don’t really care too much about the survival stuff. And the interactions with the native group were similarly fruitless – we don’t really care if they make friends, and there’s no ‘star fleet’ mission. See how Janeway forgets all about them the second Voyager returns.

428 down, 309 to go.