Trekathon 426: Body Parts (DS9)

A whole bunch of Ferengi stuff. You’re not going to make me remember it, are you?

This episode manages to cover Ferengi Contract Law, Ferengi Religion, Ferengi Funerals, and, most importantly of all, Ferengi Boredom. There is little interesting in the story, and then it ends with a blatant ripoff of *It’s a Wonderful Life*. Please, won’t somebody stop the Ferengi episodes?

(It could be worse, I suppose we could be back to Ferengi/Klingon episodes again).

As for the other part – well, it’s a pretty silly way to cover another member of the cast being pregnant, but it’s better than Major Kira standing behind high control panels for the next six months.

426 down, 311 to go.