Trekathon 423: Resolutions (VOY)

July 2nd, 2012

Chakotay and Janeway catch a fatal illness, and have to be left behind.

An episode of (deliberately) two sections. There’s the ‘Tuvok disobeys orders to find a cure’ bit, and the ‘Swiss Family Janeway’ bit. The Tuvok sections are fairly by the numbers, although there is a nice action sequence towards the end where we see something of his approach to things. The Janeway/Chakotay (slash used advisably) section is much more ambitious. It’s all undermined by the fact that we know this is a weekly TV show, of course. But it’s an interesting transition. And for once the extra scene at the end far too many episodes have is used to do something interesting.

One decision of Janeway’s was odd – naming the planet ‘New Earth’. That’s the kind of name you’d normally use if you were already comfortable with staying there for a long time.

423 down, 314 to go.