Trekathon 422: To the Death (DS9)

A rouge Jem’Hadar group leads to the first joint Federation/Dominion operation.

Finally we see a bit of a third dimension to the Dominion. There have been several Jem’Hadar episodes, but none of them have worked particularly well. Here it finally clicks, and we get a much clearer sense of what they believe. The use of Worf and Klingons for comparison/contrast certainly helps with this. A lot of the episode rests on a couple of strong guest performances from the Vorta Weyoun and the Jem’Hadar first.

The main downside, once again, is Worf’s lack of definition. He has shown more discipline in the past than he does here. And, as a general rule, I would suggest not making call backs to [Season 2 of TNG](, although I suppose it would have been worse if Voyager was doing it.

422 down, 315 to go.