Solidoodle Day 0: Software setup

My [Solidoodle]( printer is nearly here, just waiting at the post office. So tonight is setting up the software and getting everything ready.

I followed the [instructions provided]( for the Windows PC I’m installing this on. I’m putting the software onto my ‘big iron’ box, an i5 2600K with 8 gigs of memory and Windows 7.

A few notes from the Solidoodle instructions:

* I had to skip straight to the [Arduino guide]( to install the drivers (which I did using an Arduino Uno I already have).

* When they say ‘use the 32 bit Python’ – LISTEN. Not seeing that cost me about half an hour of hassle getting the additional libraries installed.

* The Solidoodle package is trivial to install. It took me a few minutes to work out how to run the main parts, as I was looking for an EXE. What you want are the and files, though.

Finally, I installed a couple of other tools: [ReplicatorG]( and [Slic3r](, to give me a few more options to play with.

Once the printer is here I’ll be going through the rest of the first setup and runs in painful, painful detail.