Trekathon 435: Remember (VOY)

July 14th, 2012

B’Elanna dreams a dream of time gone by.

Everything is delivered well enough, it just seems very strange that it’s B’Elanna here. We haven’t seen her as being the empathic, caring one very much in the past. Here it seems like ‘we have to give this to a female character to make the story work, Kes is already psychic and it can’t be Janeway’. It kicks the whole episode slightly off kilter.

This feels a lot like a flashback to a Deanna Troi episode, and with good reason – the story idea was originally a TNG one. I think the idea was to tell a story about the holocaust, but because we were denied a sense of scale that analogy didn’t work. We didn’t get any clear idea about the number of people involved, something that’s important to understanding the scale of feeling that should be involved.

435 down, 302 to go.