Trekathon 413: Deadlock (VOY)

June 22nd, 2012

A spatial anomaly creates another Voyager. But only of them can survive.

This is a good example of what Voyager does best. There’s a fantastic action sequence in the opening sequence, taking advantage of the two ships to kill off quite a few people in surprising fashions. The remainder of the episode takes full advantage of the uncertainty in having two of everyone around, adding up to just about the highest ‘featured cast’ death toll ever seen in Star Trek.

Two things bugged me – firstly, Janeway (and really the whole crew) are so quick to go the self-sacrifice route that it suggests suicidal tendencies. And secondly, the philosophical implications of the ending are pretty weird, and I think get short shrift. I’d love to see a future episode that looked into that a bit more.

413 down, 324 to go.