Trekathon 410: Accession (DS9)

Sisko’s position as the Emissary is challenged.

The ’emissary’ arc is an interesting one, with Sisko’s acceptance of his role growing. But here rather than come from internal growth, greater acceptance is ‘forced’ by the external events. His reactions all make sense, I just don’t see how we get from ‘I have to be the Emissary to stop these things happening’ to ‘I’m now happier being the Emissary’ – they seem like different tracks the same train might have gone down.

The B-plot is a nice development in the Bashir/O’Brien bromance. It’s remarkable to think that they were so far from being friends back at the start of the series, and now you can write a whole story about their problems adjusting to being apart that doesn’t feel forced or false.

410 down, 327 to go.