Trekathon 408: Bar Association (DS9)

Quark and Rom re-enact the [WorkChoices]( debate.

Pretty good stuff. So long as you’re willing to accept that the Federation (or Bajorans) don’t impose many laws on things like labour contracts, it is an interesting conflict. It makes sense that the Ferengi would not be very pro-union. And it’s a nice development to finally see Rom stand up for himself.

The Worf/Bashir/O’Brien stuff was more filler. There still isn’t a real place for Worf on the station, which this episode underlines by having him move to the Defiant. That’s not clever writing, that’s not knowing why you bought him here in the first place. But the Worf/Dax relationship does make up for some of that.

408 down, 329 to go.