Trekathon 398: Homefront (1) (DS9)

June 7th, 2012

The changelings turn up on Earth, and Sisko and Odo have to go help out.

You never quite know when you are going to get a case of the plot holes. You know, when you cannot watch something without seeing all the plot problems that, usually, you would just let slide. It can be a real pain, as it completely undermines watching the thing objectively. I was definitely having that in this episode. Its a good story, but I was more worried about why Sisko could accept a new post so quickly, why a relatively low ranked officer is in charge of planetary security, wondering what was going on with Earth sovereignty when it seems to be the only Federation member without its own leader, and so on.

But it is good to see the Changeling plot get a bit of a run for a change, and I was glad to finally see some appropriate security considerations. As ineffective as they are, that is. But as with all two part episodes, the verdict of history must wait on the next instalment.

398 down, 339 to go.