Trekathon 395: Maneuvers (VOY)

Seals returns, staging a raid on Voyager.

So far Voyager has been fairly free of recurring villains, or much in the way of external plot drivers at all. This episode, and in particular the ending, represents a significant change in that. Fortunately Seska is a pretty interesting villain, although her motivations are pretty opaque.

None of this is to say that Voyager is heading towards the serial direction of DS9 – it looks like it’ll still be a show without a lot of ongoing plot – but I think it’s nice to add a bit more richness. But the logical consistency is a bit hard – if they’re heading in the direction of home at maximum warp, shouldn’t they leave Seska and the Kazon far behind? When it’s only a few weeks from one end of the Federation to the other, 10 months should give you a fair bit of a runup.

395 down, 342 to go.