Trekathon 393: Cold Fire (VOY)

Kes finds a sideline as a psychic firestarter, as Voyager finds a potential way home.

So far we’ve seen a few times where the seemingly light Kes shows a dark side. I’m hoping it’s real character development rather than just a grasp for a useful contrast. Here it works, as you get the sense that the darkness of what Kes is doing is accepted in return for the joy that her new psychic powers give her. It makes for a fairly good, if unevenly paced, episode.

My main complaint – this is a potential chance for Voyager to get home. But no one ever gets excited, and there’s never much sense of stakes from the crew as they face their best opportunity to skip the 70 year voyage that’s expected. Once again the reality of their situation doesn’t seem to appear in their actions.

393 down, 344 to go.