Trekathon 392: Little Green Men (DS9)

Quark, Nog and Rom end up in Roswell in 1947.

Grading against the curve for Ferengi episodes this was excellent – only a couple of scenes that made me want to kick things, and for the most part a fairly fun story. It’s a very silly premise, but the earnestness of the performances of the 1940s cast make it work. And they resisted the temptation to cast some of the regulars back in the 1940s too. Some heavy handed preaching (smoking, atomic bombs), but generally pretty inoffensive.

Of course, that adds up to an episode that is just north of ‘average’ when considered against the normal scale. But I think that a Ferengi episode that isn’t horrible is something worth celebrating. Some hope for the future, perhaps?

392 down, 345 to go.