Trekathon 390: Starship Down (DS9)

The crew of the Defiant performs a tribute to the great submarine movies.

With the exception of three quibbles, this was a pretty well put together episode. There was good action, good tension, good character development, and a resolution that depended on brains rather than on technobabble. The initial setup required to get into the situation was a little strained, but it managed to hold together.

The three quibbles: the ‘Worf learns to command better’ plot is silly – he’s been a command officer for 9 years, ever since Tasha died, and mostly commanding non-Bridge officers. They had to make him dumb to make the plot work. The ‘Quark and his customer work out their differences through gambling’ was silly. And the wrap-up at the end screamed ‘this episode is 3 minutes short’, and just served to undermine some of what had been done in the episode.

390 down, 347 to go.