Trekathon 389: Persistence of Vision (VOY)

A new alien species gives everyone nightmares.

Finally, a decent use for the terrible holo-novel that Janeway has used several times. Here it finally pays off as it gives a good segue into the general horror theme of the episode. Horror is tricky to pull off, particularly when you know that (a) everyone;’s going to be OK at the end and (b) it goes against the general tone of your show. But other than some slightly dodgy makeup effects at the end this built nicely and paid off well.

Two discordant notes, though. First, B’Elanna’s willingness to jump into bed with the not-Chakotay. Too quick, didn’t make sense in her character. And then the very non-Starfleet ‘let’s just bury our feelings’ ending coda with the Captain. Just didn’t seem like the usual ‘Star Trek’ way of doing things.

389 down, 348 to go.