Trekathon 387: Indiscretion (DS9)

Kira and Dukat go looking for a ship that crashed during the Occupation.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first – the Sisko/Kassidy plot was such by-the-numbers sitcom rubbish I was surprised. GIrl wants to move in, guy has problems with things moving too fast. It’s an old story, and there’s absolutely nothing interesting done with it here. It doesn’t even advance character, as it requires Ben Sisko to behave differently to he has in the past.

The Kira/Dukat part of the episode was a lot better, but I still felt something was missing. The idea of a hidden past, with consequences for the future, is an interesting addition to Dukat. And the relationship between the two of them works quite well. But rather than take some time with the resolution it gets folded up into a pointless action sequence, none of which adds much to the story.

387 down, 350 to go.