Trekathon 382: The Way of the Warrior (2) (DS9)

The Klingons go to war, and Sisko is in the middle.

This episode moves so fast I got whiplash. We go from everything happening at a safe remove to Klingons invading the station inside of about 20 minutes, adding on to the Klingons only having been the bad guys for about 20 minutes more. It’s simply too quick. I think things would have been far better served by stretching this story out over a much longer period. As it is, we get what is probably the largest battle/action sequence ever in Star Trek, but it doesn’t have any resonance as we don’t know why it’s happening.

I thought the second half was pretty good overall, though, despite this quibble. There are some nice ‘quiet’ moments, particularly the one between Quark and Garak. And while Worf’s initial ‘I want to quite Starfleet’ comes out of left field, it develops and resolves fairly well.

382 down, 355 to go.