Trekathon 381: The Way of the Warrior (1) (DS9)

A Klingon fleet visits the station, and a certain ex-Enterprise Klingon is called in to help.

For the most part this is a really clunky course correction. It introduces a lot of new stuff, and brings back some Klingon plots not touched much in years. But the decision to introduce a new war between the Klingons and Cardassia is puzzling. A complication too far, with a lot of balls already in the air.

The episode is weighed down by equal parts dull exposition, a bit of pointless Holodeck diversion, and then a lot of soul searching by Worf. None of it adds up to a very fun way to spend an hour, but maybe the second half will bring a bit more.

381 down, 356 to go.