Trekathon 380: Non Sequitur (VOY)

Harry Kim finds himself back in San Francisco (and in nearly 400 years they *still* haven’t knocked down the hideous [Transamerica Pyramid](

Voyager’s first ‘return to Earth’ (I’m betting there will be more yet) is ultimately a bit underwhelming. The how and why of getting there and getting back is all done through some pretty dull ‘convenient alien’ exposition. And the show never gives Harry Kim any doubt that he’s in the ‘wrong’ reality – it would have been a lot more interesting if his decision to leave was a hard one.

The main failing, though, is that we don’t learn anything about Kim or Paris. We get a glimpse of the path they might have gone down without Voyager, but nothing there is new or interesting. Kim’s a nerd, Paris is a loser. Surely we could’ve seen something just a bit more interesting.

380 down, 357 to go.