Trekathon 377: Initiations (VOY)

May 17th, 2012

Chakotay gets caught up with a Kazon child going through his initiation rite.

So far we’ve seen quite a bit of Chakotay’s spirituality. And it’s certainly a nice change for Star Trek to allow a character to have that side. But it all feels very shallow, like a Fisher Price religion. I don’t know very much about animistic religions, but I’m pretty sure there’s more depth than we get to see here.

The Kazon are a pretty dull one-note culture of the type that Star Trek is far too guilty of. All X’s are Y’s. It’s ultimately an incredibly racist view of the world, as it suggests that races or species can ever be summarised in that way. And in reality there’s always a lot more going on that that.

(Oh hey, the actual episode – OK, but not great. Just pressed a couple of my buttons).

377 down, 360 to go.