Trekathon 375: The Adversary (DS9)

A little trip on the Defiant turns paranoid when a changeling is found aboard.

Another escalation in the cold war with the Dominion that has been running since the start of the season. Slow to get going, and a couple of drawn out sequences in the middle. But plenty of *The Thing* style paranoia, which while not new is at least well done and appropriate. I just wish the potential conflict was with an alien race we’d heard of before, and not this ‘introduced for one episode only long-term threat and past source of conflict’ race. Surely we’d have heard of them before.

This really seems like an awfully elaborate plot for a changeling. I’m pretty sure that there would be an easier way to start a war than this. And there’s a clearly a lot to be learnt about ‘Changeling on the loose’ security. O’Brien turns up with an unconscious Dax, and no one even questions if he’s still O’Brien? Sloppy. A lot of the pairs split up for little good reason. And no one ever suggests a second changeling either.

375 down, 362 to go.