Trekathon 374: Facets (DS9)

Jadzia experiences her past selves.

This kind of episode is a big opportunity for the actors to do something new. Most of them don’t do that much with it: Kira overacts, O’Brien is nebbish, Leeta is hard to distinguish from her normal self, Quark is a one note joke, and Bashir seems mostly like himself with a more American accent. Sisko does well with Joran, although personally I would have liked a bit more ‘Hannibal Lecter’ creepiness. The main focus is the Odo/Curzon combination, and fortunately that works really well.

There isn’t a lot of excitement in the episode, everything develops slowly. I would have preferred having all the different past selves out, and interacting with each other as well as Jadzia. It ends up being very ‘bitty’.

374 down, 363 to go.