Trekathon 372: Shakaar (DS9)

May 12th, 2012

Kira and an old friend nearly start a civil war.

Several episodes so far have followed a pretty similar ‘escalation’ pattern to this one. Things start out nice and simple, and kind of spiral out of control as the episode goes on. DS9 is pretty good at it, but I worry that it’s getting a bit cliche. But it works this time.

There’s a very creepy moment in the middle of the episode where Kai Winn steps from ‘machiavellian’ to ‘messianic’. It doesn’t really go anywhere in this episode, but it’s another bit of foreshadowing.

The B-plot though is a waste of space. The acting was so bad when O’Brien has his injury that I thought it was some elaborate scheme to get Quark. It just served no purpose.

372 down, 365 to go. One year left.