Trekathon 363: Through the Looking Glass (DS9)

Sisko is kidnapped by the mirror universe O’Brien.

Something just felt a bit off about this one. Perhaps it was as simple as the terrible costume design for Jennifer Sisko, which just looked wrong every time I looked at it. I appreciate what they were going for, but somehow it just didn’t work. Other than that, the pacing felt a bit stale, and the story overall was a bit forced with many jumps in logic.

The episode is mainly just a lot of fun for the regular crew, with everyone getting a chance to chew the scenery a bit and play an alternate version of themselves. Jadzia and Bashir are particularly good. Kira is still cover-your-eyes awful, just too over the top and vampy. An example of taking it too far.

(PS: Change your passwords! Especially if you’re worried about mirror universes)

363 down, 374 to go.