Trekathon 362: State of Flux (VOY)

Someone on board is leaking information to the Kazon.

A nice episode that uses up what could have been a really interesting ongoing plot with a bit more work. The idea of a traitor in the crew is a good one, but it gets bought up and resolved in a single episode. We’ve now got a good basis for a recurring villain, but I think at least a few more episodes of ‘is there a traitor?’ could have worked.

The real highlight is when Seska decides to give up the charade and become her true self. It’s a nice turn into a different character, and really sells the idea of her as an undercover Cardassian agent. But I just don’t buy that the physioloogy is so similar that a scan would be anything other than a complete giveaway.

362 down, 375 to go.