Trekathon Season Review: Deep Space Nine, Season 2

April 2nd, 2012

In contrast to TNG, DS9 had a pretty good year. They managed to avoid ‘awful’ entirely, and only three ‘bad’ episodes (Melora‘, Rules of Acquisition and Profit and Loss – two out of three Ferengi heavy too). The other side of the spectrum was even better, with 9 good or very good, and 7 excellent (Necessary Evil, Crossover, The Jem’Hadar, Cardassians, Whispers and The Wire). Even TNG Season 6 only managed the same number at the top of the scale.

By now DS9 has established itself very clearly, and is starting to head in a new and interesting direction. There’s been a lot of serial story telling this year, and personally I find that a lot more engaging than monster of the week.

The main weakness has been a few areas of the ensemble that just aren’t working – mainly Quark (with a couple of exceptions), Nog and Jake. Everyone else has had at least one ‘out of the park’ episode (well, probably not Dax).

Overall this is a very, very good season of TV. I think it’s not quite up to TNG Season 6, but there isn’t anything else that has been as good.

So that takes the leaderboard to:

  • TNG Season 6

  • DS9 Season 2

  • TNG Season 3

  • TNG Season 5

  • TOS Season 2

  • TNG Season 4

  • TOS Season 1

  • DS9 Season 1

  • TNG Season 7

  • TNG Season 2

  • TAS Season 1

  • TOS Season 3

  • TAS Season 2

  • TNG Season 1

That’s 332 watched, 14,858 minutes down, 45.57% complete. 52,982 words written. 405 to go. Next, DS9 Season 3, the start of Voyager, and a movie.