Trekathon 346: Caretaker, Part I (VOY)

I should start with a brief note: I have seen less Voyager than any other Star Trek series, including Enterprise. I’m not sure that I’ve seen even one complete episode. So this is all pretty new to me. But I start with the general knowledge that this was not a popular series with the fan world.

But so far it’s not too bad a start. There are some awkward moments, like the mysterious farm house. But for the most part it’s economical in setting up character’s and relationships. It is, for instance, far better than TNG’s attempt at the same thing.

But the time with character is coming at the expense of plot, and so far in this episode it would be easy to be confused. A couple of big things have happened – thrown across the galaxy, lost a lot of the crew – and I think you could be forgiven for not having noticed. This is just part one of what was originally a two hour movie length episode, so I suppose I should be a little patient.

346 down, 391 to go.