Trekathon 345: Past Tense (II) (DS9)

Sisko and Bashir try to get history back on the right track.

I made the mistake of thinking too deeply about this episode for a second and the logic all fell apart. Bashir and Sisko get events back without any help from Kira or O’Brien, so why should their history have changed? And shouldn’t there be more changes, as it sounds like they should have been called the ‘Webb riots’ from the way we saw them on screen.

That, plus the distinctly mediocre ‘comedy visits to the past of San Francisco’ added up to an episode that was far far too ambitious for the skills of the writing. The acting makes a good job with weak material, but it’s just too confused and messy to really be an enjoyable episode. Sisko in particular has a lot of fun letting his anger out, though.

345 down, 392 to go. And now for the next series…