Trekathon 342: Defiant (DS9)

Riker turns up on the station, and steals a ship. No, not that Riker, the [other one](

There are some pretty good parts here. A TNG guest star taking advantage of the wrap of the movie. More Gul Dukat. Cardassian intrigue. Some of the best combat VFX scenes I’ve seen in DS9.

But something doesn’t quite gel. The Obsidian Order has come across as very threatening before, but here it doesn’t work. The idea of them getting their own ships should be scary, given the implications for the balance of power in Cardassia, but it doesn’t work out. And Sisko going to Cardassia to hunt down his own ship should feel more momentous, but he sets on a course so early there’s never a chance to develop any conflict about it.

342 down, 395 to go.