Trekathon 337: Second Skin (DS9)

Kira wakes up on Cardassia. As a Cardassian.

I had a bit of a bumpy time with the suspension of disbelief early in the episode. Once I got past my problems with the idea of being transformed into a Cardassian being something remotely plausible the episode picked up.

In fact, my main objection was that everything happened a bit too fast in the final act. We go from ‘Kira has doubts’ to ‘sinister Cardassian plot’ at the speed of sound. But that’s really a problem with there being a little too much story overall for an hour rather than any issue with the pacing.

One line completely summed up Garak: “Don’t worry, he’s on our side. I think.”

337 down, 400 to go. Crawling towards half way…