Trekathon 336: Equilibrium (DS9)

Dax discovers a dark past.

So, at your workplace, everyone heads off on a road trip when someone’s sick, right? Just makes sense. After all, I’m sure no one else had very much else to do this week. Oh, and your boss is willing to blackmail a whole planet in order to save your life?

This episode is a pretty good example of the problems with the ‘tell, don’t show’ approach. There’s a really long ‘whodunnit’ scene in the final act here, and it’s just not interesting TV. The dilemma faced by the Trill is interesting, but because we never see Trill society it doesn’t feel real enough.

Again, not terrible. But four episodes into the season we’re not seeing anything like the strength of the previous season.

336 down, 401 to go.