Trekathon Season Review: The Next Generation, Season 7

March 31st, 2012

Season 7 ended well. That’s about the nicest thing that I can say about it. Otherwise the season was mostly bad to mediocre, with only 6 episodes making it to ‘Very Good’ or better in my ratings (Lower Decks, Preemptive Strike, The Pegasus, Parallels and All Good Things 1 and 2). Against that were two awful episodes (Sub Rosa and Genesis) and another 6 episodes in the ‘bad’ category’. That’s challenging Season 1 and 2 of TNG in terms of output of stinkers.

Overall I’m going to rank it just above of TNG Season 2, mainly because they pull off the ending, and that’s impressive. But overall it was a show that went one year too long. Maybe the writers ran out of ideas, or maybe the competing stresses of a movie on the way, a new series in development, and finding an end to TNG, all conspired to really hurt quality.

That brings the rankings so far to:

  • TNG Season 6

  • TNG Season 3

  • TNG Season 5

  • TOS Season 2

  • TNG Season 4

  • TOS Season 1

  • DS9 Season 1

  • TNG Season 7

  • TNG Season 2

  • TAS Season 1

  • TOS Season 3

  • TAS Season 2

  • TNG Season 1

I’ll update the counts with the DS9 season review in a couple of days time. But farewell TNG (off to movies for you), here comes Voyager.