Trekathon 327: Preemptive Strike (TNG)

March 28th, 2012

The Maquis and the Cardassian DMZ are back. That’s four episodes now, must be a thing.

At last, a good episode of TNG. It’s been a while, as there’s been one of the worst runs the show has ever experienced lately. This is the last regular episode of the show, and yet we spend the vast majority of the screen time with a guest star. It’s a very odd choice. Picard has a couple of great scenes, but everyone else seems to just have the contractual minimum number of scenes this week.

What I liked most here is the example of what you can achieve with a bit of serial, rather than episodic, story telling. The bits and pieces of the story here have been built up over six or seven other episodes, across two series, and it’s still easy enough to follow. It’s a pity that it took until this point for TNG to really try it.

327 down, 410 to go.