Trekathon 321: Firstborn (TNG)

Worf’s son Alexander struggles with his future.

In general, Klingon stories work best when it’s about politics or battle. Simple interpersonal stories just don’t fare as well. The story tries very hard, but falls down. A lot of that is due to the fact that the actor playing Alexander just isn’t that good. So we never get a real sense of his own thoughts, or struggle with his identity. It’s just a child reflexively refusing what comes his way. I think the story would have worked a lot better with an older child, where the idea of actively choosing their own path would make more sense.

The packaging is also pretty lackluster, from the Picard’s ‘bugger this, I’m off to dig things out of the ground’ in Act I, through the painful and pointless Riker scene, and the overly drawn out ‘detective’ story.

321 down, 416 to go.