Trekathon 319: Journey’s End (TNG)

Ensign Crusher is back, and everyone’s off to evict a Native American colony.

The Wesley plot starts off being a bit annoying and predictable (Wesley is a teenager, Wesley is angsty, Wesley doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life), but turns around a bit in the second half simply because his change of direction feels real and earned. It makes sense for him to go in another direction, although the late introduction of superpowers is an odd turn.

The Native American plot, by contrast, starts off well, but kind of peters out as the Wesley plot takes over. The final resolution makes sense – probably too much sense, as it begs the question as to why it hadn’t been considered before.

But there’s a strong sense of being in the final downslope for TNG now – the first farewell. Just four episodes, and then the finale.

319 down, 418 to go.