Trekathon 311: Thine Own Self (TNG)

March 12th, 2012

Data loses his memory in an alien version of the 16th century.

A lot of this episode can be covered under the ‘amnesia defence for breaking the prime directive’ banner. Starfleet had better look out, there could be a lot more amnesia cases coming. Data’s amnesia was quite odd, as it affected parts of scientific understanding, but not others. And then the show completely ignores the scientific revolution he touched off.

There was something about the ‘Troi gets promoted subplot’ that bugged me. So the idea was that you do this test to see if you’ll order someone to their death to save the ship. But how can you really test that in a simulation? And given the way it relates to her role as Counsellor, how come she didn’t already know about it? We’ve already seen her take a role in other promotions.

311 down, 426 to go.