Trekathon 307: Sub Rosa (TNG)

Beverly falls in love with a ghost.

So, what was the worst part of this episode? Oh, so much to choose from:

* The head of the colony discussing the coming caber toss.

* Beverly and Deanna discussing Beverley’s erotic dreams.

* Scottish stereotype #7 as the house keeper.

* “What’s happening to me? Right now I feel so strange.”

* “She was a pretty lass with a mane of red hair, and eyes like diamonds.”

* There was *fog* on the bridge. *FOG*. And Picard just goes and gets his jacket.

That’s actually only from the first half, I couldn’t keep listing them after that.

This bad Mills & Boon meets Star Trek had no redeeming features, other than the absence of [singing hippies]( Just awful.

307 down, 430 to go.