Trekathon 298: Second Sight (DS9)

February 28th, 2012

Sisko meets a woman who was never there.

There wasn’t anything particularly bad about this episode, but it fell flat in almost every direction. There was an incredibly interesting science fiction premise here – if a species biologically mates for life, what implications does that have (moral, practical) for people of other species. Is it ethical or just for a species without those restrictions to try a relationship?

But the episode talked about none of that. Instead we get the galaxy’s greatest egomaniac committing suicide to save his wife, which just made no sense at all. For a start, I don’t see how it was clear that this even solved the problem (otherwise why didn’t he just fake his own death), and secondly it rang false for the character, to do something like that solely for another’s benefit.

298 down, 439 to go.