Trekathon 287: Gambit, Part I (TNG)

Captain Picard dies, and Riker seeks revenge. And gets kidnapped.

I was a bit worried at the start that we were going to have another ‘being convinced they’re really not dead’ episode, but this time we got ‘Anger’ rather than ‘Denial’. I guess ‘Bargaining’ and ‘Depression’ will come along later in the series (Although snark aside, it was a pretty good scene, with a rare strong performance from Troi).

The half-way through revelation that Picard isn’t dead is no surprise to anyone familiar with episodic TV, but it’s played long enough to be interesting.

About then, however, is when the the archaeology stuff starts. It made it a lot harder to care very much about what was going on. It was went completely off the rails. First 2-parter where I really just didn’t care much about what happens next.

287 down, 450 to go.