Trekathon 286: The Siege (3) (DS9)

Star Trek’s first 3-part story draws to a close as the station is besieged by the Bajorans.

Ultimately the story fizzles out a bit. It’s an attempt to do something new and interesting in terms of Trek story

telling, but the writers and producers just don’t seem confident enough about this. For instance, killing off Li

Nalas in such a wasteful way, rather than letting him continue in the show with the political storyline.

The actual ‘siege’ is fairly anticlimactic, but has some nice moments such as O’Brien’s reverie for combat rations,

or Doctor Bashir’s entry into combat. It also feels pretty ‘real’, unlike Dax and Kira’s mission, which suffers

from a bad case of ‘special effects are too expensive, so tell don’t show’.

But it’s better to reach and fall than to never try at all.

286 down, 451 to go.