Trekathon 285: Interface (TNG)

Ah, the old ‘aliens appear as a crew member’s dead mother’ trick.

It’s troubled episode when two people staring quietly at a screen is one of the better moments in the episode.

This is a very slow developing episode (and strangely enough one without any B-plot). That’d be OK if there was a bit

more suspense, but it’s pretty clear from the first that Geordi’s mother is indeed dead. That means the entire episode

rests on the emotional journey of Geordi. But we spend the entire episode in ‘denial’, and it ends up just

being sad.

I was also bugged by the technology – why would turning up the transmission strength to transmit further make it more dangerous?

Just doesn’t make sense.

(On a side note, this episode seemed to have some pretty bad dubbed dialogue in places – a last minute rewrite, perhaps?)

Another poor episode – not a good start to Season 7.

285 down, 452 to go.