Trekathon 283: Liaisons (TNG)

Once again alien ambassadors are very annoying as they try to learn about humanity.

As you might be able to tell, I’m getting a bit tired of this story. Troi and the chocoholic, and Worf and the angry ambassador were silly and dull – trying to do too much means that nothing really worked well.

The closest the episode came to good was in the ‘Misery’ section with Picard trapped on the alien planet. But it just felt pale by comparison to other attempts at similar stories. And I never liked the Anna character, something just felt off from the start.

My biggest objection was that these ambassadors were sent to examine human feelings and culture, but actually end up studying a Betazed and a Klingon. I realise all the aliens in the Federation aren’t very alien, but really – wasn’t Worf at least easy to spot as a non-Human? And surely you can’t justify things by claiming they’re in Human culture – if so, the Federation is a very disturbing place from a tolerance point of view.

(First person to try and defend things by saying “but they’re half-human” – bad commenter, no donut).

283 down, 454 to go.