Trekathon 282: The Homecoming (1) (DS9)

February 12th, 2012

Kira rescues a renowned POW from a Cardassian camp, as political tensions worsen.

So Season 2 starts with the same Bajoran politics angle that was the best promise from Season 1. And it is also a far riskier episode than anything tried in Season 1 – politics heavy, action light, and probably the weakest cliffhanger in Trek’s history.

There’s a lot being set up here, but the episode rests mainly on the ‘reluctant hero’ of Li Nalas. It’s an interesting story, which (similar to Duet) rests on the complexity of recovering from war.

A strong start, but a lot depends on the rest of the 3-parter.

282 down, 455 to go.