Month: April 2011

  • Sous Vide: Week One

    So, to start with I want to quickly go over my Sous Vide setup. The bits I’ve bought are a Maxkon Vacuum Sealer. It’s a no-name brand, but it works well and the bags to use with it are reasonably cheap. The main special part is the temperature controller. This bit turns the rice cooker […]

  • Sous Vide: Day One

    As many have noticed, I’m a bit of a gadget hound. Today’s new entry – a Sous Vide setup. I’d been wanting to try Sous Vide (french for ‘Under Vacuum’) for a while, but the multi-thousand dollar costs of the setups put me off. Then I found [Sous Vide at Home]( It’s a simple box […]

  • How To: Take photographs during a balloon ride

    When you book a balloon ride you may (like me) think that you don’t need to think too much about taking pictures: [“f/8 and be there”]( would be all you need. What you haven’t realised (or perhaps you did, and that’s why you’re here) is that the lighting conditions are going to be really difficult. […]