Trekathon 280: Descent (TNG)

The traditional end-of-year cliffhanger brings back both the Borg and Lore.

The usual ‘two-parter’ syndrome is not as evident as usual here, thanks to the plot thread involving Data and his investigation of emotions. The other strength is the callback to *I, Borg*, and the long overdue examination of Picard’s actions there.

But there’s a severe case of ‘enemy decay syndrome’ happening with the Borg here – maybe it’ll be explained, but the crew are able to deal with large numbers of Borg without the problems they’ve previously faced dealing with only one. It’s always hard to deal with near-invulnerable enemies, but it doesn’t help if you just weaken them.

I liked this episode, but I’ve forgotten what happens in Part 2, and I could very easily end up changing my mind based on how this is resolved. A lot has been set up, but so far there hasn’t been a single season-opening resolution to the cliffhanger that has lived up to Part 1.

280 down, 457 to go.